Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heinz ketchup changes its formula: Time to get rid of the Food Nazis!

In order to placate the growing number of Food Nazis, Heinz ketchup is changing their winning formula. 
NY Post: Your fries may never taste the same again!
For the first time in 40 years, Heinz ketchup is changing its famous recipe -- by lowering the salt content in an effort to appeal to more health-conscious consumers, the company said yesterday.
Company officials have taste tested the new blend and believe it will be as popular as their old recipe, which has a 60 percent share of the ketchup market.
But Heinz fans fear that the company may be messing with perfection and that the switch could wind up a flavor debacle equal to the infamous rollout of New Coke. 
I hate this. I am an unabashed ketchup lover. I make no apologies about it. I will go to the finest New York steak house and without an ounce of embarrassment ask for ketchup for my steak. Oh, and don’t give me that sugary Hunts or those watery no names, only Heinz will do, thank you.

Now because of Nanny State Food Nazis like Mike Bloomberg and Michelle Obama who feel it is their job to watch our diet, a classic like Heinz ketchup is changing their winning formula.  

For the love of God, when did we all become 5 years old and need every elected official to become Mommy and Daddy to us all?  Some of us are still adults who are full capable of taking care of ourselves and who are more than willing to deal with the consequence when we don’t. We don’t need people pretending to be our Moms and Dads.

I say pretending because; these busy body officials are not really interested in our well being. What they really are interested in is control and revenue. All this claptrap about “food deserts”, sodium intake or sugary foods in schools is really just the cover story so that bureaucratic control freaks can pick our pockets some more.

Just like the second hand smoke was used to turn smokers into cash cows of tax revenue, the Food Nazis will use the "promotion of good health" to create a new herd of cash cows by taxing all the foods we really enjoy. In the process, many of our favorite foods will morph into bland echoes of their former selves or disappear entirely.

My rant is over; please excuse me while I head to the supermarket to stockpile the original Heinz.


Kristin said...

They're coming for your kids next. So much for right to privacy. I'm afraid this Healthy Choices Act is just the beginning of government's intrusion into our medical records.

But to look on the bright side, maybe Heinz will get rid of the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) while they're at it!

Marian said...

Well, you know, the salt and sugar content in the 2 whopping teaspoons you put on an occasional hamburger just might kill you! Talk about nit-picking into the minute details of our lives. Theresa HEINZ Kerry is enough reason for me to boycott the brand already...

Just a conservative girl said...

I am with you, I am going to go to Costco and get a few of those three packs. I only like Heinz myself.

Janelle said...

Being a Pittsburgh, Pa. girl, I grew up with Heinz ketchup and I love it. I don't slather it on anything anymore than I use whipped cream on everything......this is ridiculous and I love steamed veggies. Shut up - Federal government. You are going to be fired next.

spc said...

Has the movie Demolition Man crossed anyone's mind recently.

The people in charge are control freaks and I knew back when Michelle announced her initiative (what business does the first lady have doing anything- she is the wife of the POTUS, not an elected office) that it was meant to soften the ground for these new taxes- have to pay for that health care somehow, and controlling what you eat is an excuse to add higher food taxes during the manufacture process a VAT would allow. HCR opened the door for them.

Gorges Smythe said...

Just for the record, the whole thing about the "New Coke" was to change to high fructose corn syrup instead of cane sugar. They did it quietly AFTER the fuss and called it "Coke Classic" IF my memory serves me right.

Chris Denning said...

What I want to know is why these wimpy companies cave to the pressure so easily. First it was the tobacco industry, then energy companies, then regular businesses brag about their "green" policies. Now Heinz, the only ketchup that tastes good at all. I guess I can salt it at the table. Who will stand up to this tyranny?

Steverino said...

Just for the record, the whole thing about the "New Coke" was to change to high fructose corn syrup instead of cane sugar. They did it quietly AFTER the fuss and called it "Coke Classic" IF my memory serves me right.

That's a myth, Georges. New Coke was made to taste more like Pepsi, which had been gaining in market share against Coke for years.

Coke had actually begun switching to HFCS in 1980, 5 years before introducing New Coke.

49er16 said...

This isn't even the worse one, Clifton. In Santa Clara County in the Bay Area, they banned Happy Meals from McDonald's. Don't want the children to get fat.

Dean said...

Well, you should be using loony bin ketchup anyway.

Here's a good alternative.

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