Monday, May 17, 2010

Obama’s MSM lapdogs start to whimper

Remember when Obama promised to have the most transparent administration ever?  Did you ever think that it would look like this? 
CBS News: There was some rich irony at the White House today -- President Obama signed the Press Freedom Act, and then promptly refused to take any questions.
The new law expands the State Department's annual human rights reports to include a description of press freedoms in each country. It seemed a good opportunity to showcase press freedom in this country.
Recall that last Friday the president refused to take any questions after delivering his angry statement on the oil spill in the Rose Garden. And he has not held a prime-time White House news conference in many months, despite much pleading from pundits and members of the media.
So after he signed the bill, and as the press "wranglers" began aggressively herding us out of the room, I asked if he still has confidence in BP. He ignored the question so I tried this: "In the interest of press freedom, would you take a couple questions on BP?"
That did elicit a smile, and he told me I was free to ask questions. Someone else shouted, "Will you answer them?"
He said he's not holding a press conference today as we were escorted out the door.
Well lamestream media, you have reaped what you have sown. After almost two years of playing Obama’s lapdogs, he is now actually treating you like lapdogs. Sit! Beg! Roll over! And of course NO QUESTIONS!


spc said...

The media has no teeth- they know what's coming and they are just positioning themselves to be on the inside.

Maybe if there is any real American spirit left in the industry things may change, but I think they are too comfortable in their elite circle of friends where no one questions their opinions. Think of a real life situation where you have a bunch of others humping your leg because they think you are awesome. Do they want to leave that for real journalism, or do they want to promote the generally accepted opinion to fit in?

LL said...

It's the state-run media these days and they sold their birthright for a bowl of pottage. I hope they think it's worth it.

Clifton B said...


I think you are on to something. However, I see it as the media clinging to Obama because they know they are a dying industry and he is the bailout master.

Be nice to him and he might just save their failed asses.

Clifton B said...


They will come to regret it. When a Republican becomes president and starts to take advantage of the new standards the media helped to set, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Anonymous said...

I remember a joke from that old silly show the Power Rangers. The villian tells one of his henchmen, "When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you." That what's the media has become now. Since he has no opinions as his approval ratings go into the toilet and his administration makes him look more clownish by the day with their stupid statements, moral relativism (just look at those embarassing statements made to China about the AZ law), and out and out failures for all to see, he doesn't know what to tell the media that will fly any more with the public that still have a brain with a firing synopsis. Thus, he ignores them. They shouldn't fret though. When he needs the media to have an opinion, he'll be sure to give it to them.

Janelle said...

Michael Ramirez is my favorite cartoonist - every one of his drawings is worth thousands of words and so well drawn, they are painterly! Thanks for posting him, Clifton.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Obama doesn't like answering questions.
They're too hard!

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