Friday, May 21, 2010

Chris “Two Stones” Cristie vetoes Millionaire Tax in 2 minutes flat

If you heard a large clanging sound coming from New Jersey, it was Governor Chris “Two Stones” Cristie throwing down his first veto. 
New Jersey Online: TRENTON — It took about two minutes from the time Senate President Steve Sweeney certified the passage of the millionaires tax package for Gov. Chris Christie to veto the bills at his desk.
"While I have little doubt that the sponsors and supporters of this bill sincerely believe that the state can tax its way out of this financial crisis, I believe that this bill does nothing more than repeat the failed, irresponsible and unsustainable fiscal policies of the past," wrote Christie in his veto statement. "Now is not the time for more of the same. Ultimately, another tax increase will punish the state’s struggling small businesses and set our economy further back from recovery."

After the state Senate passed the bill, which had already passed the Assembly, Sweeney walked the bills down the hallways of the Statehouse, from the state Senate chambers to the governor's office. Once inside, he handed the bills to Christie, who was waiting. 
"What took you so long ?" asked Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak.
Christie sat at a wooden desk emblazoned with the seal of the state of New Jersey and swiftly signed vetoes.
"We'll be back, governor," said Sweeney.
"Alright, we'll see," said Christie. 
Democrats would need two-thirds majority in both houses of the Legislature to override the veto. 
"This is something we're not going away on," said Sweeney. "This isn't theater, this isn't a gimmick." 

Yes, this is theater and it is a gimmick. The Democrats do not have the votes to override his vetoes, so they simply go though this drama so that they can make campaign commercials saying Cristie sides with the rich.

This will give you some idea of the madness here, New Jersey use to be the number one state with the most millionaires. Not anymore, many have used their money to flee to tax friendlier states and along with their money go opportunity for private sector employment.

Less than a year ago, Trenton tried to balance the budget with almost $1 billion in new taxes, yet here they are again looking for more. At some point the light bulb must come on and NJ lawmakers must realize that they cannot spend forever. 

'Millionaires tax' bills pass both houses, but is vetoed by Gov. Christie


LL said...

I'm sure that both houses of the New Jersey legislature didn't vote themselves a pay cut at the same time.

Lipton T. Bagg said...

Finally, we have a guy who says what he means, and does what he says. Can we swap him for the rat in the White House?


Samuel Gonzalez said...


Goood for Chrisitie!

It's not much better here accross the river in NYS. At least you have a guy that's trying to lead NJ out of the wilderness that Democrats have sunk NJ into. I hear those commericials everyday on the radio slamming Chrisiite for being "for millionaires and not the working man" that very sad part is that message works on the Dem base which is the most ill-informed people on the planet. And the dirty truth is that Democrats knows their base don't follow the news closely, their not up on the issues ans they can be easily swayed by the charade that the Dems in Trenton just pulled off.

I make the point all the time on my blog that the reason Dems don't like Charter schoolds in NYC is they don't want their base getting too educated. They want to keep them as a perminant underclass so they can better manipulate.

Can we have a conversation about that?

The Last Tradition

Lipton T. Bagg said...

Linked and noted in my update with gratitude, as always...


Lady Cincinnatus said...

Two Stones. Heh. That's what I'm calling him from now on. I'll reference this blog of course. :D

lady di said...

Finally....Hope and Change I do believe in

spc said...

If this guy gets re-elected he is going to change the way politics is run-

I have a feeling that if spineless Republicans see that they can win with all the demonization that happens from the media and that left, that it is possible to win American support by being a Conservative.

I've been watching and listening to all of the GB shows this week and although some of them are terrifying in what it can mean for us as a nation- I am inspired that there are still many people "waking up".

Just a conservative girl said...

Thanks for the linky love..........

We need many more just like this guy. I was hoping for more of this with McDonnell, so far not happening.

Anonymous said...

Christie/McClintock or McClintock/Christie 2012.

Anonymous said...

When he's done, I wish he would run for NYS governor, too. When was the last time a governor actually do something like this.

His victory against the NJ teacher union should go down in history books, too.

Of course, the teachers retaliated by making the students protest. Classic. But I think more people are disguised by the union.

2nd Anonymous

David Sanders said...

I'd rather the state go bankrupt before I pay a penny in taxes.

Janelle said...

Refreshing, isn't he? More like Governor Christie, please. I do think there are a couple more like that around....certainly LtCl Allen West running for 22 in Florida seems cut of of the same cloth. Lead by example is a good thing!

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