Thursday, May 20, 2010

Democrats give lying hypocrite Felipe Calderona standing ovation

I thought Obama joining Mexican President Felipe Calderon in bashing Arizona was bad enough, but today’s spectacle in Congress takes the cake. Democrats squeal whenever the right accuses them of being American haters, but when you see them spring to their feet to applaud that lying hypocrite Calderon what else can you conclude?

Thankfully some Republicans spoke up about Calderon’s BS, Orin Hatch said
 “It’s inappropriate for a head of state to question our laws, especially when the state of Arizona only acted in the best interest of its citizens and with the support of seventy percent of its people,” said Hatch in a statement. 
“The state of Arizona is stepping in where the federal government has failed,” said Hatch. “It is trying to stop waves of illegal immigrants, many of whom are dangerous gang members and drug and human traffickers, from crossing into its communities." 
Hatch could have been much for forceful here. There is little need to sugar coat Calderon’s lies and hypocrisy.  I guess we will have to wait for a female Republican to say what needs to be said.

What I don’t understand about the Democrat’s continued stance against Arizona’s law is that it is a political loser. Just today, Rasmussen has released a new poll showing that Arizonans have increased their support for the law from 67% to 71%.  Even nationally, the majority of Americans support what Arizona is doing. 
Fox News: A Fox News poll finds 65 percent of American voters think states should have right to make their own immigration laws and protect their borders “if they believe the federal government has failed to act,” while 32 percent disagree. Moreover, a 52 percent majority favors their own state passing a bill similar to Arizona’s new immigration law. Some 31 percent would oppose it and another 18 percent is unsure…
The key provisions of Arizona’s immigration law receive significant support. Over two-thirds (65 percent) favor allowing local authorities to question anyone who they think may be in the country illegally, while 76 percent favor allowing local officials to detain anyone who cannot prove their immigration status.
Rasmussen also found that most Americans blame Mexico for our immigration woes and think compensation is in order: 
Obama and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico denounced the Arizona law at a joint White House press conference yesterday. But most Americans don’t believe Mexico wants to stop the illegal flow of its citizens into this country and think America’s southern neighbor should be asked to compensate U.S. taxpayers for costs incurred by illegal immigration. 
So why are Democrats taking their stance. With numbers like these on such a hot button issue, even winning the Hispanic vote won’t save them.

Via: Fox News 


yukio ngaby said...

"With numbers like these on such a hot button issue, even winning the Hispanic vote won’t save them."

Maybe not, but that's what the Dems are betting on. I think they believe they can keep their core, gain the Hispanic vote like the Black American vote, weather out a few bad years and then take back the idependent swing votes.

I'm not saying this is going to work, or that it's a good strategy, but I think that's where their thoughts are.

spc said...

The Right Scoop has a very good Limbaugh clip of this hypocrisy.

It is a huge deal and I really wonder what goes on behind closed doors. What are top level politicians being told?

I fear they may be conspiring against their own citizen's rights. They have a larger plan, which is evident, when they are all brought to agreement for no apparent reason.

I already fear the powers that be in that I use many anti-spy software programs to block my internet.

There is something huge going on, and everyone with power is in on it, and we are all subject to their decisions.

If you watched Glenn Beck's show today, you will see the makings of an Oligarchy and who will be in charge. It is amazing that the MSM is ignoring such a story, but they want in on that take-over.

It is a really scary time, mostly because we all have access to that information (which I might add they are trying to curtail).

Just a conservative girl said...

Oh, it gets even better. Calderon was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer who asked him if they let people come into the country from poorer nations and allow them to work. His answer: "No, we deport them." Cnn has removed the video from it's website. I tried to find it on you tube and no luck.

I understand why Calderon is saying what is he, from his point of view it makes sense. They need the money from the illegals that are here. But our congress has no such excuse.

spc said...


I took GB advice and found a way to download youtube vids. The administration is scrubbing videos that work against them, and so are the cohorts.

download Firefox web browser, use Download Helper as well as easyyoutube downloader (I think that's what it's called- do a few searches before you download)

Google is in with the administration and since youtube is owned by Google, stay on top of things.

Some files save as .flv, through youtube you can get .mp4

It is likely they will try to put a stop to this, but do your best to record info-

That applies to all of us- I am trying to download important videos (or what I think is relevant).

Mostly I am listening to GB shows and following leads I get to find videos and download them.

Yes, I am way too paranoid, but I don't underestimate those that I think might be my enemy.

Bonne Chance!

Lipton T. Bagg said...

The dirty little secret is that Mexico cannot secure its southern borders - Central and South American migrants enter as freely as WalMart in Santa Ana, CA. What Calderon counts on is the ability for those migrants to travel through Mexico (perhaps raped, beaten, robbed or massacred along the way) and easily pass into the U.S. - and becoming our problem...

This is the number 1 reason Calderon fights our border defenses - so he has to do nothing more that he is doing now.


lady di said...

I was so embarrassed witnessing that scene.. Calderon can crawl back under the fence he came from!

trinity said...

The Democrats seem to be hellbent to destroy themselves completely.

Calderon loves that money that the illegals send back home, so he wants them to keep being able to come. Illegal immigration is also a way for him to rid himself of the poor or illiterate in his country. As long as we keep absorbing his problems, he doesn't have to do anything about them.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

To date, this is easily the most chilling thing I've seen. No other image can better capture exactly what is at stake and who is on what side. We're in for a bumpy ride.

Patricia said...

the Calderon interview with Wolf Blitzer is still up on YouTube.

I wish our country enforced the laws as good as Mexico.

spc said...

The US is in the position of being the "haves" and by default, we can not deny the "have-nots". That's why Obama let this guy loose on them, because he gets to say for them, what they try not to say themselves about their view of America.

SirKnob said...

Calderon sends us his criminals, his uneducated and undesirables (to him). In return, we give them health care, a living wage and social benefits. They send money back to Mexico to support family and pay extortion fees.
We Are Mexico's Welfare System!

If anyone has pictures of Webb, Warner or that Pelosi sockpuppet Connolly, giving Calderon a standing ovation, I promise to put them to good use:-)

Gorges Smythe said...

I've always believed that the democratic party is the party of anger and ignorance. They've certainly been proving me correct lately. Of course, the republican leadership hasn't exactly been on top of things either.

ClassicFilm said...

The CNN Blitzer/Calderon interview, as of today, Sunday, May 23, 2010, is still available on YouTube (likely, as soon as I post this info, it will be scrubbed by the powers that be). H/t to Radio Vice.

Here's the YouTube code:!

spc said...

LOL @ my extreme paranoia, but I believe they would do that for things that would show outright Socialism and other such things of those in the administration- not of the news- unless I put my tin foil hat on!

I still record those things I feel are least when I use Firefox, which I'm doing more often.

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