Friday, May 14, 2010

How many times can Eric Holder make a fool of himself?

I have lost count of the number of times Eric Holder has made a fool of himself in front of Congress. I am not sure if it is because he is trying to get the law to support Obama’s wrong headed policies or is it because Holder himself is a stone cold ideologue who refuses to bend to reality. Either way, the man comes off as one big fool and yesterday Holder acted the fool twice!

Acting the fool, Scene One:

Here is Eric Holder’s response to Rep. Ted Poe’s (R-TX) direct question "Have you read the Arizona law?"

You must be joking, the bill in only 17 pages long, how many people are needed to review it? As the Attorney General of the United States, Holder should be able to read and review that tiny law himself inside the time of a coffee break. To make matters worse, Holder is on record attacking the bill, he now admits to never reading. 

Acting The Fool, Scene Two:

Here is Holder desperately trying not to say radical Islam is the cause behind the three terror attacks over the last year. What the hell can possibly be gained by such a stupid song and dance? Compare Holder’s foolishness with the video of Lt. Col. Allen West on the same subject. Now ask yourself who would you prefer to keep you safe.

Whatever the cause is behind Eric Holder’s foolishness, we as a nation will be the ones to suffer for it. If Obama were half the chief executive he pretends to be, he would have asked for Holder’s resignation right after Lindsey Graham made a fool of him.


spc said...

I was waiting for this question when I watched the story on the news, "So you admit that when you commented about the law in prior interviews, you had no idea what you were talking about?"

Unknown said...

I think he has mastered the deer in the headlights expression.

Pedaling said...

I did enjoy the squirming.

Nice job on the part of Poe.

Janelle said...

Eric Holder is an example of the Peter Principle at work.......although not as clear an example as Obama.

trinity said...

I loved it when Rep. Poe told Holder he could have his copy of the law to read. Holder is an embarrassment.

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