Thursday, May 6, 2010

Michelle Obama: Barack Obama is a Kenyan and America is too mean

Michelle my belle, this isn’t one of your finest moments. Aside from feeding the birther theory again, she is really talking down America. I thought she was now proud of the country?


Steverino said...

She's only proud of America to the extent that the country supports her husband. Since Obama's support has been dropping, so has her pride in America.

Malcolm said...

Based on what you said in this post, it makes it sound as if this clip is from 2010. In case you weren't aware, this clip is from an appearance Michelle Obama made in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Based on the way my people were treated in this country for so long, there is alot not to be proud of America about. Blacks loved their country, but didnot love the way Blacks were treated. Let's not hide our head in the sand. I remember my Great-Uncle who fought in World War II and he came back home and was still treated like dirt. Am I to be proud of that? That is just one instance.

Clifton B said...


She did change her tone when she became first lady.

Clifton B said...


That would explain why she was still in her put down America mode.

Clifton B said...


What about today? You seem to be holding Americans of today guilty for the sins of their fathers. Is that really dealing with reality?

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