Monday, May 17, 2010

The Family Guy pokes fun at Vietnam Vets

I find this joke to be far more stupid than offensive. The Family Guy has always been ugly stepchild to South Park. That being said, after Comedy Central totally punked out on the Mohammed episode, I find I have so much less tolerance for these “lets offend everyone” type cartoons. Clearly, they don’t have the balls to offend “everyone”, so lets stop pretending they are equal opportunity offenders and start tuning out. There are so much better ways to get laughs.


Just a conservative girl said...

I don't watch shows like this. But it is true, if they are going to poke fun at vets, jesus, and pretty much everything else. They need to understand that people question why Muslims are excluded.

Gorges Smythe said...

Trash is trash. Best NOT to make it a part of your life.

spc said...

I own season 1-6

Used to really love the show, but it's getting weak-

It does get old, or maybe I'm getting old, but I try not to get offended by those who intend to bring nothing but shock value.

I take it for what it is, entertainment.

Anonymous said...

That is offensive to so many Vietnamese Americans. Many of the Vietnamese in USA fled the VC. I do not know of any that actually LIKE the VC or cheered at the killing of GIs.

Few years back I met an older lady from Vietnam so I asked her about the war. She said, loosely, "as terrible as the war was, it was NOTHING COMPARED to the communist rule that followed."

And she said many Vietnamese are very thankful of the USA government for sacrificing American lives for a foreign nation. Yes, she said that.

They are MORE appreciative of the American sacrifices then Americans are.

Take that, liberal media.

Family Guy's portrayal of the vets are terrible, offensive, but its portrayal of the Vietnamese guy in this clip is beyond offensive. It's like having a Jewish character cheering for the NAZIs and said he also killed Jews.

2nd Anonymous

Clifton B said...


We always knew that "offend everyone" jazz was just that... jazz. Now that the jig is up, it is time to move on to something else.

Clifton B said...


Sound advice.

Clifton B said...


Since you confessed, I will confess. I watch South Park regularly. I must admit, after Comedy Central's punking out, I really feel like it is time to give up South Park.

Clifton B said...

2nd Anonymous:

Very insightful comment. I would imagine that no VC would be cheering for the communist. Geez, what did the communist actually bring them other than misery?

Anonymous said...

VC brought nothing but misery to Vietnam. I personally know many people who were the boat people [people who fled the VC/communist through the arduous boat rides. By boat, I mean it's a tiny boat.]

2nd Anoymous

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this was done because the writers thought it would make people laugh.

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