Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mexican President Felipe Calderon bashes Arizona’s immigration law from White House lawn

I find this incident beyond infuriating. If ever there was truly an example of how broken Washington has become this is it.

First, we have a president who is deliberately stirring the racial pot for political gain. Anyone who is willing to take 10 minutes to actually read Arizona’s law, will immediately see that there is no racial profiling or possibility for it to happen.

Second, we have the Mexican president, who does little next to nothing to combat illegal immigration from his side of the border, standing on our soil and treating us like the bad guys. To add insult to injury, Mexico’s immigration laws are 100 times more draconian than anything found in America. Despite these facts, not a single official from this farce of an administration even calls Calderon out on his blatant hypocrisy.

Finally, despite the high level of hypocrisy from Calderon, our own president who is supposed to have our backs, is out there joining in on the bashfest with Calderon. There was a time here in America when Obama’s actions would have deservedly earned him the title “traitor”. 

If Obama were truly serving America’s best interest, he would have had a closed-door session with Calderon. During that session Obama would have administered some long over due tough love to our southern neighbor. Obama should have in no uncertain terms let Calderon know that the days of shuffling off their unhappy citizens to America is over. Tell Calderon we are securing our southern border as tight as a drum and if the Mexican government doesn't start seriously looking after the needs of its people, America would engage in the most massive deportations this country has ever seen. The last thing Mexico wants is a massive influx of its former unhappy citizens. Without a way to sneak back into the US, these unhappy souls would finally bring the much needed pressure to the Mexican government to change its ways.

Given how the numbers are running against Obama on illegal immigration, he is playing with fire. Sarah Palin alone will crucify him for not sticking up for America during Calderon’s BS and in this case it will be well deserved.

Video h/t: Breitbart TV


Just a conservative girl said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be looking for Obama to stand up and secure our borders anytime soon.

Neither party has the political will to do so.

Lipton T. Bagg said...

My first introduction to your blog, and spot-on. Thank you.

Noted and linked with gratitude. Your site added to my reading list.


Gorges Smythe said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If anyone 200 years ago had behaved like this president has behaved, there would have been shouts of treason and a call for hanging.

Janelle said...

The third campaign speech convinced me that Obama was all gas, no class. The only bright spot in the entire dreary cast of characters was Palin. Now, I hope that Sarah simply keeps doing what she is doing.

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