Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Self-Serving Arlen Specter Loses PA Primary

The self-serving Arlen Specter has loss Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary to Joe Sestak. Specter was defeated by Sestak 54-46. I cannot understand how Specter did not lose by an even wider margin. This is a man who openly admitted he was switching parties to improve his chances for reelection. Why would any Democrat believe he truly espoused their beliefs?

Like a typical loser, Arlen Specter directed some sour grapes towards the Tea Party.  He was on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell saying that the Tea Party must be beaten! 
“If we’re not careful, if you don’t field the strongest candidate — frankly, like Arlen Specter — they’re going to take over,” Specter said of the tea parties. “Beating the tea party gang is more important than who does the beating.”
“They want to go back to the gold standard,” he added. “It’d be an 18th-century America.”

Yeah, Arlen whatever. Enjoy the unemployment line you self-serving SOB. Hopefully Charlie Crist will follow in Specter’s footsteps and Marco Rubio is already trying to make that happen.
Specter’s loss also marks the fourth time Obama’s support has ended in failure.  If I were Barbara Boxer, I would be telling Obama, no more campaigning for me, I’m good!

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spc said...

I am so happy that a traitor has been denied his requisite stewardship.

We need more of the same with our cowards, I mean representatives.

Just a conservative girl said...

You and I need to get bed earlier!!

Anyway - I gave you a little linky love as I used one of your graphics.

Oh, happy day that Benedict Arlen is gone.

Anonymous said...

yea, if Boxer loses in this extreamly corrupt state laced with voter fraud up to the neck with the dead, invalids, pets, illegal aliens (I don't care what the establishment says, everyone knows they vote here), and out of staters all voting for the dems, then there is only one conclusion that can be made. Obama is cursed like Midas only instead of gold, everything he touches turns to (turds). So far Obama is 0 for 4 so we Californians with brains can only hope.

yukio ngaby said...

Heh. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. And losing with such grace... Demonstarting how a true gentleman acts.

Jenny said...

I'm still doing a happy dance! So glad to see Arlen served his walking papers!

Joaquin said...

While I shed no tears for Sen. Specter, I was hoping he would win as the match-up with Toomey would be a slaughter.
Toomey will have a harder time now.

Janelle said...

As much as I would love to believe that the tea party movement defeated Arlen, he really did do a fine job of losing the election all by himself.

Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and Linked to at:
Snarlin’ Arlen With The Sour Grape Face

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