Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eric Holder Does Not Think Arizona's Immigration Law Is Racist

Well color me surprised! Given the outrageous claims from some in the administration regarding Arizona's law, it is nice too see one of its members with a reasonable perspective.  It is even nicer that the perspective comes from the head of the Justice Department.  Holder view pretty much matches what most Americans think of Arizona's law. 

I am curious if this is Holder's own thoughts or is this just the first step from the administration to back out from their unpopular position. If it is the latter, we will know when other administration officials start repeating Holder's point of view. 

Via: ABC News


Robocop said...

The fact that Arizona's new law is not racist is a no brainer. The fact that Holder admits this is a shock.

Anonymous said...

Holder is still, clearly, a racist. Sure, he is a leading figure in the Obama Administration, but he's still a racist. You know how I know? I heard on MSNBC.

More seriously, it seems someone has finally looked at the, well, actual law instead of their own self-righteous anger. What a relief.

Soloman said...

I disagree a little bit with your assessment, Cliff.

He (Holder) may not think the law is racist in its surface, and that's fine, but he still left plenty of wiggle room in his statements to allow for claims of racism.

I don't think many of the politicians, or anyone with a brain on the left think the law itself is racist, but the media is fanning the flames, and statements from Obama like "misguided" and his stupid "ice cream shop" story do not help the situation.

Obama is the real problem, because he isn't a leader of all of the nation, he's a leader only of those with whom he shares an ideological perspective. When he makes misguided comments like his "misguided" comment, he just adds to the racial tensions we're already experiencing since he got elected - you know, the tensions he was supposed to help us heal!!

Let's face it, every time anyone who is not white.. really any time anyone Hispanic gets pulled over, if they are leftist in their leanings, they are going to run straight to a lawyer and cry lawsuit.

This group will consist largely of younger people and single moms.

You should see = I wish I had taken a camera - the stuff written in car windows that I saw at my local Wal-Mart a couple of weekends ago.

"I'm Mexican, pull me over" was one, "Arrest me for being brown-skinned" another... and the cars were clearly cars younger people would drive - two-door cars with sporty rims.

I live in Phoenix, and I can tell you - anyone who is here legally thinks the law is great, even those of Mexican descent.

I've been writing a lot about it and been keeping up on the subject a lot - I've almost turned into a one-topic blog because it's so close to home. The leftist media and Obama are so against the real truth and the hearts of America and Arizona it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Who replaced Holder's Obama Kool aide with common sense? Now if we can get him to enforce our immigration laws, that would be a shocker.

Anonymous said...

Soloman, though I think you're right on with your assessment, have you seen the web site "People of WalMart"? Those signs are everyday occurances. Don't forget the Driving While Black and a few I won't repeat on a family web site.

Janelle said...

Feels to me like CYA from Holder.

rosewood59 said...

Because of Holder's blatant disregard for our country's legal system, as evidenced by the black panther/Acorn thug cover up, as well as his "ruling" on Miranda rights for terrorists held at Gitmo, and his pechant for a real case of foot-in-mouth disease, I do not trust him or his comment regarding AZ illegal immigrant problems. Something is afoot... A tiger does not change its spots quite so easily. Holder and Company are up to something!

rosewood59 said...

Actually tigers have stripes, my bad...jaguars have spots. However, both animals are sly and deadly. Brings this whole Obama/Chicago Administration into focus.

Right Girl said...

I'm inclined to think Holder has done some CYA here. This is the same guy who, like Rosewood said, who wants to Mirandize terrorists and was most unhelpful in the Black Panther/ACORN case.

I would be thrilled with the inconsistency/incompetence of the Obama Administration - if only they didn't have so much power.

Liz said...

It appears Holder is in line with the hard-left, pro-Illegal Democrats. But he is taking a softer tone. Look what Holder said.

Holder: Feds may sue over Arizona immigration law.

I would love to see the Feds sue a state for enforcing their immigration laws that mirror federal laws. Nothing like being sued for protecting American citizens.

Bring it Holder. You are going to make a fool of Obama and yourself.

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