Saturday, May 8, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! Obama supporters are birthers too!

ABC News and The Washington Post conducted a new poll on birthers (with everything going on in the country right now, this is what ABC and WaPo are looking into?) and surprisingly find that almost a third of birthers support Obama! 
[…] Fourteen percent of Americans say without prompting that they think Barack Obama was born in another country, rising to one in five when those with no opinion are offered that as a possibility. But for many it's not a firm belief – and some appear not to hold it against him.
Among those inclined to think Obama was born abroad, half also say that's their suspicion only, not a judgment based on solid evidence, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. And perhaps surprisingly, about a third of so-called "birthers" nonetheless approve of Obama's work in office and express a favorable opinion of him personally.[…] 
Why does the birther question persist? Robert Gibbs was asked that question recently.

I think the main reason why birthers, 9/11 truthers and all the other conspiracy theories exist has a lot to do with the media’s lack of credibility. Too many people have caught the media out there being biased. This isn’t something that only the right notices either. When the media speaks on issues like Obama’s place of birth or if 9/11 was an inside job, some people remain highly skeptical because they think the media is again choosing sides.

So if mainstream media reporters want to know why the birthers won’t go away, they need only look in the mirror.

Via: ABC News 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hussein himself offers the best reason for people to believe this; he has sealed the records and spent millions in lawyer fees to keep them sealed.

It does not take much for one to ask why?

If (small word-big meaning) he wished for this to end then only he so far has the power to do so.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

This actually makes sense. They'd think it was great to have a president who not only hates America but wasn't born here. Eligibility and the Constitution mean less than nothing to these people.

Madison said...

What I don't understand is how the American Government as an institution can allow this question to go unanswered. But AMEN on the issue of biased media. Remember when you turned on the 6:00 news, and they reported not editorialized? It would be so refreshing to go back to getting just the facts, and letting people form their own opinions. But the left doesn't want that; it would be dangerous to their cause.

Anonymous said...

I think the people on our side who buy into it are just looking for a reason to not let it sink in that Obama is the President. Look at what the Dems did with Bush. There was always a small faction who believed that he wasn't legitimate because of the race in Florida.

I never had time for it myself because I knew it wouldn't make any difference. He doesn't have to show what he doesn't want to show, so it's a dead end road. Waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Christopher: You said exactly what I was going to say. Let me add, citizenship and birthplace are 2 different things. He probably was born in Hawaii but there is some evidence that may show his mother relinquished his U.S. citizenship for Indonesian citizenship. Here's a million dollar question: how was he able to travel to Pakistan at a time when Pakistan was closed to US citizens? Perhaps because he was listed as an Indonesian citizen???? Open the records P-BO (Pres. B. Obama).

Just a conservative girl said...

Not that this will happen often, but I agree with Gibbs. God himself could come down and tell some people he was born in Hawaii and they wouldn't believe it.

But I find it more than a little distrubing that people who think he wasn't born here don't have a problem with him being president. Have they not heard of the constitution?

Anonymous said...

If his citizenship was changed as a child to Indonesia (which does not have dual citizenship), then Gibbs can say with all honesty that Obama was born in Hawaii. But, that does not answer the question of later possible changes in his citizenship.

So Gibbs can say it a million times and be correct. But the more specific questions are, "what citizenship changes, if any, were made by Obama's mother? And how did he list himself in school records, medical records, applications, etc.?"

He can swiftly set the record straight, and put to shame all those who question him by releasing his records. I personally believe he'll never do it. What's to hide????

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