Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama to nominate Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

It has been widely speculated that Obama was going to pick Elena Kagan to replace Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. It is thought that she is a safe pick because she was confirmed to Solicitor General by a 61-31 Senate vote. 
MSNBC: WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will nominate U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan to serve as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, NBC News’ Pete Williams reported late Sunday night.
Kagan, 50, served as the Dean of Harvard Law School from 2003 to 2009. Obama nominated her to serve in her current post as solicitor general early in 2009, and she won Senate confirmation by a vote of 61-31. She is the first woman to serve as solicitor general of the United States. 
Kagan is not without issues. Both the left and the right will take note that her resume is rather thin for the Supreme Court. The right will take note of her opposition to on campus military recruiting because of Don't Ask Don't Tell. The left will certainly take issue with her defense of expanded presidential powers during the Iraq war. To get more detail on Elena Kagan check out Michelle Malkin. If you are wondering about the Elena Kagan gay or Elena Kagan lesbian rumors check out The Other McCain, he has the Google bomb on that issue.

There is also another issue bubbling up on the left. It seems to hint at Kagan being a racist for not having enough diversity in her hiring practices. Depending upon how much the left hates her, this charge may become more explicit. Time will tell.

Tammy Bruce has linked to a series of Cspan videos with Elena Kagan. They ought to give you some idea of who she is and where she is coming from.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do Liberal women seem uglier than Medussa and their own hearts?

Just a conservative girl said...

I was just perusing some leftie sights - they hate her, I mean really HATE her.

Personally, unless something else comes out, I am ok with this.

1. It is a wash as far as how the court votes

2. Woods would have been the nightmare.

She is lesser of evils.

Anonymous said...

He made this pick at a low point in his popularity (Sonia was made at the high point as she was much more controversal). This is a safe pick for Oblamo. But as you note, she doesn't come with any real baggage yet, but that is only because she is a mystery. There are no briefs in which to gain knowledge to her political inclinations. Whether she is gay or not is not important to me because honestly, I'm not so sure she's a woman. She's reminiscient of SNL's "Pat". Remember those skits? It does appear Obama likes his women(?) masculine (Sonia, Janet, and now Elena).

Anonymous said...

BTW - Please note that my new blog address is for your blogroll. Yes, I transitioned to WP. Great work as always Clifton!

Clifton B said...


The left does seem a little top heavy with "beauty challenged" women.

Clifton B said...


Thanks and welcome to ABC. Nice news aggregate site you have. Will add you to ABC blog roll. Nappi Lesbyan? Now that is a title. LOL

Clifton B said...


Yeah, I think the left hates her more than the right. I too cannot get too worked up over Kagan. She doesn't change the ideological makeup one drop. I think it would be better for Republicans to say any major fight in case a conservative justice is being replaced.

Clifton B said...

Jake G:

Yes she is a mystery. I just assume that she is a radical leftist replacing a leftist judge. Pretty much a wash.

Her being gay or not is not important. So long as she is a leftist, then I would expect her to advocate for gay rights. However it does seem like the left is hell bent of dragging her out of the closet whether she likes it or not. It really is unnecessary.

I took note of your blogs change and changed it on my blog roll. I really like the new look!

spc said...

I just have a fundamental disagreement in putting up someone so unqualified and with little to no experience.

This is the highest office in the legal world IMO, and we already know what happens when we put up an inexperienced POTUS- Do we really want to live with this one for 40 years? The most dangerous person is the one you know nothing about.

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