Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eric Erickson sets a deadline for Chuck DeVore

This is pretty much the same point I was making when trying to explain why Palin would endorse Carly Fiorina. It isn’t that Palin has gone soft on her conservatism; it is just that she sees the writing on the wall … DeVore is stuck in third place and time is running out.

Sticking with DeVore until the bitter end will probably result Tom Campbell winning the primary. In other words, California will be stuck with two liberals in the general election. YES, I know Fiorina is a RINO but she isn’t nearly as leftist as Tom Campbell and YES, I do support Chuck DeVore, but letting liberals run away with the election is unacceptable. 

Would it not be better to nudge the needle in California a little to the right than not to nudge it at all?  That is the question California conservatives will have to ask themselves as June 8th draws near.


Bruce said...

The situation with Devore is much like that of Scott Brown. We knew he wasn't a true conservative from the outset. We also knew ANY Republican would be better than any Dem alternative. At least we'd have a shot perhaps 50% of the time, while with the other we'd have none.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't agree, at least if Boxer is there you know exactly what you are getting. The same cannot be said of Carly.

I don't live in California, so it isn't my fight. While I understand the numbers stance that many people are taking, but I am sick and tired of electing people who are supposed to represent my views. If people in California re-elect Boxer they deserve everything (being broke and taken over by illegal aliens and drug dealers) that they get.

Lisa said...

You make a good point. I have been a strong DeVore supporter but... I do not want Campbell to be in that senate race v. Brown. Ugh, why are so many Republicans voting with Campbell? DUMB!!

Lisa said...

Oh BTW, I realized I wrote Brown instead of Boxer. :) Silly me, mixing up the offices Campbell has decided to run for in this election: governor, and now senate.

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