Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Send A T-Shirt And Send A Message

Chris W from My Thoughts On Freedom is looking to send a message to the uneducated educators at Live Oak High School. He wants them and others across America to know that one should never be ashamed or fearful of sporting Old Glory.

America is under attack. Our history, our culture and our way of life has been assailed by forces from within to the point to where if you celebrate America and what it stands for, you are called a racist, a Nazi or a tea-bagger. 
The latest assault on America came last week when five high school students in California were sent home for the day because they chose to be patriotic and wore t-shirts depicting the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. This act of patriotism was deemed incendiary by one school official and offensive and disrespectful by students of Mexican descent who claimed that this was their day to celebrate Mexico.
This cannot be tolerated. Even though the school's principal has since apologized, that does not begin to address the issue which is this is America and every day we are a free nation is a cause to celebrate that.
To this end, we need to band together to show the anti-America crowd that we will not accept these assaults on free speech and patriotism. We also need to show, not only these five student but, students across the country that they should not be ashamed or fearful of showing their pride in America at any time. 
To let these kids know that America has their backs please show your solidarity and send a flag adorned t-shirt or any other representation of the flag to
Flags for Free Speech
c/o Live Oak High School
1505 East Main Ave
Morgan Hill CA 95037 
There are approximately 1300 students at Live Oak HS and we would like to see that they each get one. 
Thank you 

 Via: My Thoughts On Freedom


Lucas said...

Things have become THIS bad?

Anonymous said...

Like to see 1300 flags less 200 so the racist Mexicans there don't get one so they can burn it.

Janelle said...

Saw this on 'no sheeples' first and definitely will send a shirt. There is nothing wrong with students celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a reminder that they are actually citizens of the United States. I have to wonder if their parents are unhappy about the resulting flap from this.

Chris W said...

Cliff, thanks for posting this, it means a lot. We should be proud of our country every day not not be afraid to show it.

Clifton B said...


It sure looks like it. We just have to make sure it doesn't get any worse.

Clifton B said...


I say give them ones too, who knows maybe it will convert a few.

Clifton B said...


but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a reminder that they are actually citizens of the United States.

From the looks of things, they certainly could use the reminder.

Clifton B said...


Those children have been feed a steady diet of victimhood and diversity. They need a reminder that they are American too.

Clifton B said...

Chris W:

Glad to do it. It beats simply shaking our heads over the whole thing. Keep us posted on how this turns out, OK?

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