Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ever wonder what goes on at an Organizing For America training session?

A conservative blogger from Illinois went undercover to attend an Organizing For America training session and provides details of their 2010 plans. 
Marathon Pundit: Luck was with me that evening. Because of the big turnout--about 90 people--the normally obligatory self-introduction portion of the training was truncated. I was able to take my copious notes obscured behind a table-top hockey game, which would not have been possible had just 10 people shown up. And because I wore a subtle disguise, no one recognized Morton Grove, Illinois' preeminent conservative blogger that night.
Each of the attendees was handed a blue "Advancing Change 2010" Training Manual, which now occupies an honored place in the Marathon Pundit library and will be a helpful source of material for future blog posts. 


Janelle said...

That #*&#&+ symbol of Obama's is so third world, it gives me the Dean Koontz creeps.

spc said...

Awesome that someone did that-

I've always wondered if it would be possible to get into Acorn meetings as a "spy".

Wonder what it feels like to be in enemy territory.

Clifton B said...


I always found it a bit Orwellian.

Clifton B said...


I was once very tempted to join ACORN. I saw an ad in the paper and I almost did it just to see what the hell goes on in that place.

spc said...

Clifton B:

I do not know how they filter people like us out, but I always wondered how well I could hide my real point of view or how well I can play their character.

I could probably fake it (it helps if you spend some time debating their point- while aware of the fatal flaws in their logic you learn to argue in a manner that distracts from the logic), but I'm way too strong-headed to do so for long.

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