Monday, May 3, 2010

Video and photos of Time Square car bomb suspect

Authorities have released video and images of the white male they believe may have something to do with the failed Time Square car bomb.  Below is the video of the man changing his shirt just around the corner from where the car bomb was left.

Reuters: Police said that a white man in his 40s was spotted in security video footage about half a block from where the sport utility vehicle that contained the bomb was left with its engine running and hazard lights flashing on Saturday evening.
In about 19 seconds of video released by police, the man, who appears to be thin, is seen removing a dark shirt, stuffing it into some sort of bag and walking away down the sidewalk, carrying the bag and glancing at least twice over his shoulder.
Below are still images from the video.

Authorities plan to release a second video today showing another man fleeing the scene. 
Speaking on CNN, Kelly also said police planned to release later on Monday a second videotape -- this one taken by a tourist -- showing a man running near the scene at about the time of the incident. 
Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of more than one suspect.

Via: Reuters

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