Thursday, May 6, 2010

Next time Glenn; call Joe Klein a “miserable little pipsqueak”!

If you did not catch Glenn Beck’s radio or television show yesterday, Glenn told the story of his encounter with the very short and very angry Joe Klein.  On both shows Beck made it a point to tell everyone that Joel Klein is about 3 feet tall. Glenn, the correct phrase for angry little snob like Klein is a miserable little pipsqueak!

If you want to see Beck’s TV show, click over to the Right Scoop.


spc said...

Having only seen the TV show I was wondering why Glenn was going after Klein so hard. I guess it was a pretty bad interaction.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I can believe Klein's a midget: he's snarky, pompous and comes off like a troll in all his columns.

Clifton B said...


I thought the same thing until I went over to The Right Scoop and saw the radio show. Imagine that Klein fellow getting in Beck's face. Beck was far too kind, I would have place my drink on top of Klein's head like he was an end table.

Clifton B said...

Mr. Grey Ghost:

Klein sounds like he has a classic Napoleonic complex.

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