Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reporter finds Faisal Shahzad’s personal documents

How is it possible that a news reporter is able to find Faisal Shahzad’s personal documents discarded outside Shahzard’s home before the FBI and Homeland Security? 
SHELTON -- Faisal Shahzad's Pakistani passport, tax documents, greeting cards, academic records and immigration documents were found abandoned outside a Shelton home once owned by the man charged in the attempted Times Square car bombing.
The documents, mainly from 2000 and 2001, were found Tuesday morning by a Connecticut Post reporter outside the house at 119 Long Hill Ave. where Shahzad lived until about a year ago. The house is vacant and up for sale.
Police earlier had searched the property, according to neighbors. [MORE]
Our anti-terrorism forces had better start getting on the ball. All these slip ups are going to cost us dearly. While, such sloppy work was tolerated before 9/11, there really should be little excuse for missing things like this
Click over to the Connecticut Post to see all the documents that were found.


Unknown said...

A reporter? From the Connecticut Post? Geeeze - I guess we just have to be glad they weren't from the New York Times...

Just a conservative girl said...

Wow, the CT Post is really sucky newspaper, at least when I lived there.

Clifton B said...

MiaZagora & JACG:

I take it the CT Post isn't what you would call Pulitzer materia.

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