Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glenn Beck launches - UPDATED Video added

The other day Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) started a new attack against Glenn Beck. The attack basically accuses Glenn Beck and his advertiser Goldline International of conspiring to rip off customers. 
Politico: A Weiner aide forwards his advisory, headed, "'Goldline' Rips Off Consumers, Profits Off Public Fears, Likely Violates Federal Law."
"The company has formed an unholy alliance with conservative pundits to drive a false narrative and play off public fears in order to sell its products," says the release. Coming soon to MSNBC...
Glenn Beck answered this attack today by launching the website WeinerFacts is a blog that both mocks Anthony Weiner and sheds a light on his own misdeeds. For example check out this Weiner Fact:
The FEC (Federal Election Commission) had two cases (MURs, or Matters Under Review) about everybody’s favorite Weiner. Both cases have the same name, Friends of Weiner.
MUR 4995 resulted in a $47,000.00 fine (“civil penalty”) against Weiner because of financial misconduct in one of his reelection campaigns. MUR 5429 involved an illegal $28,000.00 loan that Weiner’s parents made to one of his campaign committees.
It’s really sad when friends and families of Weiner cause so much Weiner pain.
Humm, looks like Anthony Weiner might have entered a glass house situation.

If you missed tonight’s episode of the Glenn Beck show, click over to The Right Scoop later tonight.

UPDATE: Video added

Here is the video clip from the Glenn Beck show that introduces

Via: WeinerFacts
Video h/t: Mediaite


Teresa said...

That was hilarious! I'll pass the word on with a linkback.

Lipton T. Bagg said...


Noted and linked with gratitude!


spc said...

I checked it out earlier today and I can't wait to see what they come up with. I'm glad there is still comedy to be had- the guy is bringing this on himself. He is the shiftiest politician I have ever seen due to that O'reilly interview he gave on the HC bill- What a liar that guy is and I hope he gets tossed.

Janelle said...

This is deliciously funny on so many levels! I can't imagine anyone able to take Anthony Weiner seriously again. And chili dogs are definitely on the horizon for dinner.

trinity said...

I just love Glenn Beck! I went straight to the site, when he talked about it on the show. Wow, how funny, and I bet Weiner is starting to regret his stupidity.

Lipton T. Bagg said...

Thank you for the linky love today. Much appreciated!


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