Monday, May 17, 2010

A brief word about Arab American Rima Fakih winning the Miss USA pageant

Blowing up Memeorandum today is the controversy over Miss Rima Fakih of Dearborn, Michigan winning the title. Miss Fakih is an Arab American and as such many people are chiming in.  Basically the argument on the left is that the right is being racist for complaining about an Arab American winning. You know, they think everyone on the right hates all Muslims because of 9/11. 

The argument on the right is basically that this was an affirmative action win. The reason for saying that is because Miss Fakih wasn’t very graceful as she tripped over her gown or very intellectually deep with this answer: 
During the interview portion, Fakih was asked whether she thought birth control should be paid for by health insurance, and she said she believed it should because it’s costly.
“I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance,” Fakih said. 

Given how Carrie Prejean was crucified for not singing the praises of gay marriage, it is easy to suspect why people think the pageant is playing PC games with picking Miss. Fakih. I think it is fair to say the Miss USA pageant officials are more interested in making a statement than running an honest competition.

I have no problem with an Arab American winning, especially if that Arab American has embraced western culture. Could Miss. Fakih ever get away with an outfit like this in the Middle East?

That being said, it would have been nicer if she won truly on merit rather than some sort of PC set aside. Let’s face it, things like the questions section, poise and talent are really what this competition is all about. If beauty was the only criteria, how on earth could one possible choose a winner when all the women are equally drop dead gorgeous? So when Miss Fakih gives a ding-dong answer saying birth control is a controlled substance, you expect points to be taken away. The same goes for tripping over her gown. This is why people wonder, how did she beat out equally beautiful girls who had smarter answers and who did not trip or stumble?

I think the best way to deal with the Miss USA pageant’s desire to make statements is to stop watching it for a while. Ratings for beauty pageants have been on the decline for years. I say, let them decline further until new people , people without an agenda, can take over and run a real competition without an agenda.

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Liz said...

I agree but she better get decrowned for this

You know a white girl would.

Matt said...

It is rather absurd for anyone to be skeptical of a beauty pageant. It's also rather silly that you think a pageant wouldn't have an agenda. They all do.

But an Arab American wins and conservatives freak out. If you have ever watched these things you would question why most of the winners ever win. Most are not too bright. Everyone knows they win because they are hot. But tell me do conservatives investigate this much when a white woman wins? Most likely not. And it is because when a white person wins conservatives claim they deserved it. When a minority wins it is considered politically correct.

The classic double standard.

Anonymous said...

Why is this subject even being mentioned on a conservative blog.
Do conservatives have to have an opinion about everything...even beauty contests.
Who really cares?
How important is it really?
Does it make a big difference in anyone's life?
Will things never be the same again.
Lighten up conservatives.
The winner of a beauty contest is, for the most part, drawing big yawns from most Americans.
But Consevative bloggers are all over this one.

trinity said...

I have no use for beauty pageants, so I wasn't watching. It does seem that if you have any views that are even close to conservative, you don't have a prayer of winning Miss USA.

I think that smart conservative women should just stay away and leave this particular contest for the dingbat liberal types.

Just a conservative girl said...


You want to talk about double standards - let's look a little at demographics and questions.

Big Cities = Liberals
Immigrants = Democrats

Southerns = Republicans
Bible Belt = Equals Christian Conservative

Now, this is not true 100% of the time, but these are commonly used demographics among politicos, and are common knowledge amongst most people who pay attention.

The girl from Oklahoma gets a question on immigration laws in Arizona

The girl from the detriot suburb gets a question on birth control pills.

Ms. Oklahoma answers the question actually using her brain.

Ms. USA gives a ridiculios answer that is not only inaccurate but made no sense.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that one could ponder the questions given to the women and how the answers were judged.

Also - I am opposed to all beauty pagents. This can't possibly be about her being a Muslim. No practing Muslim would dress like that in public. They just wouldn't. The questions being raised are about political correctness and the left's obsession with it.

Matt said...

Just a conservative girl...

You actually think a beauty pageant is contingent on each of the contestants opinions? Don't kid yourself that brains have much to do with it. It's not a BRAINY contest. It's ALL about looks. [Or 95%]. That said, what is wrong with a question about birth control pills? Once upon a time they were pretty damn controversial. So her answer was dumb? Okay? And?

Also this is only about political correctness because you say it is. The last thing on my mind [or any sane person] when I heard she won was that the judges must have been a bunch of crazy liberals. Is it possible in your world that an Arab American woman can win without you thinking the game is rigged?

Also, you are WRONG about practicing Muslims. Not all are crazed 16th century freaks. At least not those practicing in America.

And, face it, don't you kinda WANT an Arab-American woman to win such a contest? It means WE win because we accept Muslim women in ways that the conservative Muslims never would. We win. Get it?

spc said...

You don't understand Matt:

Michigan has Muslim calls to prayer- Dearborn in some sections and some other towns. You think they are assimilating into the melting pot when they seek to take it over. Look at a post farther down the list on this site where they react violently against free speech in Sweden.

Clifton B said...


I doubt she will be de-crowned for that. In this age of loose morals, pole dancing might as well be the waltz. Though, I do think back to Vanessa Williams...

Clifton B said...


I think conservatives looked at the results not because the winner was Arab, but because the runner up said something conservative. We all remember how Carrie Prejean reaped a shit storm for not supporting gay marriage. If Ms. OK did not say she supported AZ's law, I would say you had a point.

Clifton B said...


Umm, clearly you did not click on the link to Memeorandum. Had you did, you would have seen just as many liberal bloggers are talking about it too.

Look before you leap!

Clifton B said...


It is starting to look like a "conservative women need not apply" type deal.

Anonymous said...

My issue is that this woman won though far better women lost for making less of a graff as she did on the evening gowns. Seems that the left is preoccupied with her "race" than anything while conservatives are more into consistancy. With that said, after what happened last year and how political Miss USA has become, why does anyone care anymore?

Anonymous said...

oh come on...chill out

she is hot

that is all these stupid contests are about

and that stripping thing was nothing

Janelle said...

I'd much rather look at guys, so I don't have any reason to watch beauty pageants.

Matt said...

Clifton B

Re Anonymous comment.
I found this site because of Memeorandum but in fact the only reason liberal sites mentioned this story was because they were linking to [and laughing at] the conservative sites that made a big deal out of it. Otherwise, it was not on the liberal blogs radar.

Casey said...

bacci40 pretty much underlined it. It's a beauty contest, and all the other stuff is dross to provide a limp fig leaf of political correctness & respectability.

The statement "it would have been nicer if she won truly on merit" is pretty funny. What "merit" exists except that of -well- hot chicks in bikinis? Except hot chicks in bikinis wrestling in cherry-flavored jello, natch. ;)

The runner-up to that silly statement is the idea that Ms. Fakih won because of "some sort of PC set aside." Yep. We all know that moose-limb chicks are all ugly grandmas, so there's no way in the world one could win a beauty contest based on (I dunno) ...looks...

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