Friday, May 14, 2010

Chris Christie shows how the right should handle the media

Man, Chris Christie has turned out to be the real deal. I remember voting for him, thinking he was going to be just another talker. Boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong.

Check out this video from Hot Air.  Chris Cristie gives this stupid Star Ledger columnist a shot right between the eyes.

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

New Jersey, just like New York and California, is facing a serious budget shortfall. However, unlike Schwarzenegger or Paterson, Chris Cristie is actually following a commonsense conservative approach and is shrinking New Jersey’s government.

He is even getting Democrats to go against the powerful teacher’s union NJEA to support a school voucher program that is funded by private corporations.

If Christie can turn things around and save New Jersey, he will be the new template for Republicans to follow and will certainly be on the fast track to the White House.

Via: Hot Air
Via: NJ.Com


Marian said...

Wow. This guy really is a leader and public servant, just doing what needs to be done to pull his state back from the brink. He is NOT a politician. Honest and refreshing indeed. Way to call out the double-standard and game-playing and move on with governing!

Janelle said...

If you don't want to raise a little cain in the morning, why bother to get out of bed? Thanks, Governor Christie!

Steverino said...

Christie could easily win the Presidency as the Republican candidate. He's direct, unabashedly conservative, solid in his beliefs, and unfazed by criticism.

Moreover, coming from the heavily Democratic state New Jersey, he'd put into play a great deal of Electoral College votes that the Dems have had sewn up for years.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I love, love, love how the governor's b.s. meter went into the red zone almost instantly when the question was asked by the reporter, and he decided he was going to, let's say, fix things. And quick. That answer and short speech was brilliant, especially his jab at the obfuscation of the previous governor.

babyboomer59 said...

What a man!!! He knows what he's been sent to do. And come hell or high water he's going to do it. What guts. He need to give those spineless republican just a little of what he's made of. This is exactly the way the republicans should handle the democrats and the OBAMA-MEDIA.

Dean said...

Cristie needs to give seminars to other Republican leaders on how to be a man.

I tell you what, there's a lot of bromance going through the conservative movement for Cristie right now. And we are not ashamed of it! :)

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